Masters Thesis: MP3s Crossing a Borderless Europe

Abstract: The Single Market project is one of the most ambitious policies of the European Union, and guarantees the free movement of goods, persons, capital and services. However, there is a substantial lack of cohesive policy concerning the latter. As intellectual property rights are not standardised across Europe, access to MP3s and music videos varies from one Member State to the next. European supranational institutions have an incentive to foster the growth of the digitialised creative economy, just as the music industry hopes to expand its consumer base and revenue. Therefore, a more Europeanised approach to collective rights management is seen by many as essential, but to what extent? This dissertation explores why neither the music industry nor the Commission are satisfied by the current copyright regime, and how dynamics between the two influence business operations of digital services.

Key Words: European Union, Intellectual Property, Copyright, Collecting Societies, Music industry, Europeanisation, Regulation of the Single Market, Lobbying, European Competition Law, Resource Dependency Theory, Directive 2001/29/EC regarding the harmonisation of copyright in the Information Society (InfoSoc).

You can read the paper in full here:
Masters Thesis – EU Copyright Law – protected.PDF
(9957 words, 37 pages double spaced inclusive of works cited)

Please note, I have disabled copy/paste privileges for this document.

© NaturAdvocate, written Summer 2012
Mark Obtained: Merit

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