Successful Cover Letter that landed me a Law Firm Internship

This is the covering letter that landed me a vacation scheme with an international law firm here in London. I was also offered a training contract interview, but chose to go with a different firm in the end. Nevertheless, I think this is a good example of a covering letter. Some details have been removed, and specific names replaced with letters.

Please write a covering letter in support of your application address to our firm. Your letter should answer “why our firm?” and “why you?” 

Dear Mrs XXX, Graduate Recruitment Team –

I recently completed my Graduate Diploma in Law, and am committed to establishing myself within an ambitious, international firm with strong roots and a collegial culture. YOUR FIRM LLP exemplifies the dedication, industry expertise, and passion for client care I value, and I am happy to submit this application for both a vacation scheme and training contract.

After graduating with my Bachelors degree in XXX, I moved to England from the United States to pursue my Masters degree in YYY. This experience strengthened my specialised research skills, and bolstered my interest in the ever-evolving relationships between economics, politics, and legislation. As such, I have confidence in my ability to analyse and understand the various business developments of importance to clients in the United Kingdom, and beyond.

With an educational background in law and work experience in government, research, and customer service, I am an ambitious person who enjoys both problem-solving and working closely with people. Attracted to the technical knowledge and interpersonal skills exemplified by solicitors, I believe providing creative yet practical advice and advocacy would be an exceptionally stimulating and rewarding career.

I have chosen to apply to YOUR FIRM because I value the firm’s collegial work ethos and relatively small intake, where trainees gain meaningful experience in a broad range of practice areas and industry sectors. The firm’s legacy and reputation for client care is another important factor for me, as I hope to join a firm that consistently provides the service and peace of mind needed for businesses and individuals alike to stay ahead in unpredictable industries and regions.

Thanks to extensive expertise in dispute resolution, insurance, and physical commodities, YOUR FIRM’S solicitors navigate complex commercial challenges and provide clients with relevant, clear advice. In particular, I am impressed by the range and depth of YOUR FIRM’s unrivaled capabilities in the marine sector, complemented by offices in Monaco and Piraeus. As the daughter of a career logistician, I spent the majority of my life in and around the Port of Seattle. I am captivated by the factors that alter the flows and flux of international trade, and wrote my Masters thesis on European constraints impacting the free movement of goods and services within the Single Market.

Regardless of specialisation, I would choose YOUR FIRM because of the firm’s strong regional presence, high calibre of work, and commitment to trainee development. With praise for work-life balance and high retention rates, trainees benefit from a bespoke LPC+ programme, and outstanding mentorship from day one.

Perhaps most importantly, I am an enthusiastic team player eager to be thoroughly invested in solving a client’s legal problems, while deepening my sound business acumen amidst dynamic regulatory, commercial, and economic climates. I know joining YOUR FIRM for a vacation placement would be a true privilege, and can think of no better firm to introduce me to my career.

Thank you for your consideration!


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