The Successful Application that landed me a Training Contract

These are the answers from my application that landed me an interview with an international law firm in London. Some details have been removed, and specific names replaced with letters.

What do you do in your spare time?

I am an energetic person who enjoys feeling my strengths and capabilities improve, so staying fit and healthy is a top priority. I go to the gym before work, and love jogging through XYZ Park at weekends with my partner. I am also interested in nutrition, and particularly enjoy cooking with ingredients from our local farmer’s market.

As an award-winning photographer and amateur thespian, the fine and performing arts are likewise important to me. I have seen the Royal Ballet perform Alice in Wonderland and Eugine Onegin, and often visit the ABC, DEF, and GHI.

What are your main achievements in life?

After being selected through Johns Hopkins University’s Study of Exceptional Talent for their Talented Youth initiative, I participated in advanced academic programmes at the University of LMNOP and Cambridge University as a teen. With these challenging experiences fuelling my ambition for success, I financed my own education and graduated from university with honours. I consider this a major achievement, especially as I required a medical leave of absence during my first year.

Emigrating to England from America likewise required a considerable amount of perseverance, but doing so with the support of friends and family has been my most significant accomplishment.

What factors influenced you to apply to Our Firm?

My current employment with ANOTHER FIRM affords me insight into the business model and culture of a traditional law firm. For several reasons, I believe my professional goals and personality are better suited to a more progressive and entrepreneurial practice.

I value YOUR FIRM’s excellent quality of work and client care in SHALALA, SHALALA, and SHALALA services. Eager to explore a range of specialisms, I am attracted to the six-seat training rotation and multi-disciplinary approach to the law.

I am particularly inspired by YOUR FIRM’s Technology expertise, bolstered by connections with ABC123, and Partner XX’s reputation in Intellectual Property. Recognised by the Financial Times as one of the most innovative law firms, it is clear YOUR FIRM has the forward-looking culture I seek.

I likewise find the nuances of investment and financial planning fascinating, especially those with international implications. I developed these interests as a Treasury Department tax clerk, and appreciate the soft skills required for the sensitive nature of personal wealth and family law.

Regardless of practice area, I hope to learn from -and become- the type of lawyer with the passion and work ethic to exceed expectations, whilst helping others do the same. The Law Society ranked YOUR FIRM’s training as “excellent,” and I admire the firm’s people-focused strategy and commitment to retention. Joining your small intake of trainees would allow me to collaborate on cutting-edge transactions under the guidance of outstanding mentorship, and would be a privilege not taken for granted.

Why do you want to be a lawyer?

I believe my education, work experience, and soft skills demonstrate my desire and potential to excel as a trainee solicitor at YOUR FIRM.

After earning my undergraduate degree in American law, I moved to England for postgraduate studies at the LSE, where my interest in legislation was bolstered through coursework in LMN, OPQ, and RST.

For my Masters thesis, I analysed the regulation of intellectual property rights regarding digital media, and conducted an impact assessment of industry lobbyists’ influence over European Union policy. I interviewed in-house counsel at BOOMBOOMBOOM, and realised that to help companies stay ahead in unpredictable markets, solicitors must combine technical legal expertise with comprehensive business acuity.

For my final Preparing for Practice Essay, I took my investigation of copyright enforcement legislation one step further by providing practical suggestions for statutory reform. Although intrigued by academic theory, I find the role of advisor and advocate more compelling.

Fundamentally, lawyers are problem-solvers who must accomplish objectives within legal frameworks, respect commercial constraints, and provide personalised service. Owing in part to my international upbringing and outgoing personality, I consider myself an intuitive, emotionally perceptive person who enjoys the challenge of unfamiliar territory.

I am drawn to the prospect of collaborating with bright, interesting colleagues to help our clients achieve their objectives, despite the complexity or novelty of a situation. Above all, I am committed to the continual development required in this demanding profession, and hope to make a positive difference within a progressive firm.

What makes you different to other candidates?

I believe few prospective trainees share my understanding of the strategies law firms use to stand out and succeed in a competitive market. As a business development assistant at ANOTHER FIRM, I continually strengthen my marketing and client relationship management skills, and am committed to being part of an entrepreneurial success story.

My ambitious choice to pursue my career abroad has enriched my global approach to economics, government policy, and legal issues. My perspective as a German-born, British-educated American could be a unique asset to YOUR FIRM, especially as CEO DOERAYMI has emphasised developing the firm’s networks in the US.

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